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Authors: Alua, Mary Ann
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Abstract: In a world faced with the problem of climate change, adaptation to climate change indeed helps farmers achieve maximum output while reducing the negative impacts of change. Adaptation therefore is the best choice for reducing vulnerability. The study aimed at assessing farmer adaptation options to climate change impacts in the Kassena-Nankana East Municipality. A mixed method approach was used in the study and data was gathered using interviews, focus group discussions, questionnaires and observation. It was revealed that adaptive measures such as manure application and dry season farming are helping farmers adapt to climate change in the Kassena- Nankana East Municipality and the impact of this adaptation is positive on the lives of farmers due to records of improvement in output. The existence of adaptation has been influenced by farmer initiative and driven by the impact of climate change on farming activities. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture and some Non-Governmental organizations operating in the Municipality also influence adaptation. This is done through farmer education on climate change and by helping farmers improve upon existing adaptive strategies. However, adaptation in the Municipality even though influenced by culture is also challenged greatly by culture. This is because culture has a great influence on farmer perception and willingness to adapt newer strategies that can help reduce negative impacts of climate change. Limited access to capital, failure of some measures and knowledge gap on adaptation are also factors that limit effective adaptation. The study concluded that benefits derived from adaptation are enormous in the Municipality and addressing limitations that make adaptation ineffective will go a long way to improve farmer livelihood.
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