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Title: Variation in Some Qualitative Traits of the Indigenous Guinea Fowls
Authors: Agbolosu, Anthony A.
Ahunu, Benjamin K.
Aboagye, Gertrude S.
Naazie, Augustine
Kayang, Boniface Baboreka
Keywords: local guinea fowls
qualitative traits
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: World Science and Research Publishing
Abstract: The aim of this study was to characterize the local guinea fowls of the Northern Ghana based on some qualitative traits. Three hundred local guinea fowls randomly selected from 204 farmers purposively sampled from the Northern (NR), Upper East (UE), Upper West (UW) and Volta regions (VR) were scored for phenotypic characteristics (variation in plumage and shank colour, helmet colours, ear lobe colour, helmet shape, skin colour, eye colour and ptilopody). Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics in SPSS. Nine colour variations were identified: pearl grey, pearl grey pied, bronze, brown, coral blue, ash, brown pied, bronze pied and white. Birds with pearl grey colour were the majority (43.7%) whereas the least were birds with the brown pied colour (0.7%). Helmet shapes identified were single (42.7%), slanted backwards (34.00%) and erect (23.3%). Earlobe colours identified were white (94.7%), bluish (2.7%) and spotted (2.7%). Shank colours identified were orange (29.00%), black (33.70%), and yellow (0.30%) and white (37.0%). Skin colours identified were dark (40.00%), pale red (19.70%), yellow (18.30%) and red (22.00%). Eye colours identified were white (1%), brown (27.3%), black (71.3%) and pink (0.3%). Skeletal structures identified were normal (94.4%), creeper (5.1%) and polydactyl (0.5%). Helmet colours include purple (28%), brown (41%), black (24.7%) and red (6.3%). The population of Ghanaian local guinea fowls studied showed heterogeneity in the phenotypic traits considered and therefore present a genetic pool from which selection could be made. These findings will help both farmers and breeders to produce guinea fowls with specific phenotypic traits to meet consumer preferences.
ISSN: 2345-4385
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