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Authors: Akpade, J
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Abstract: The use of motorcycles has become a preferable means of transport across countries, as in Ghana due to their cost effectiveness and convenience. Ironically, the use of motorcycles has been accompanied by a number of motorcycle- related risks such as head injuries and deaths due to non-use of the safety gear, the crash helmet. Globally, statistics reveal that almost 50% of people, the most vulnerable users of the traffic space, are killed on the roads and majority are left severely injured, and these victims are mostly motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. In view of this, the use of crash helmets has been advocated as a major safety measure. Evidence, however, has shown that a number of motorcyclists especially, tertiary education students in Ghana do not use crash helmets notwithstanding the risks associated with such a riding habit. Against this background, quota and purposive sampling techniques were used in selecting 101 respondents comprising 90 student-motorists and 11 key informants in an explorative case study design. Respondents were selected from the University for Development Studies, Wa Campus, Wa Technical University, and University of Education, Winneba, Wa Center. The objectives of the study among others were to ascertain the factors influencing the non-use of crash helmets among tertiary students, as well as the effectiveness of the existing policies and laws on the wearing of crash helmets. Primary data were gathered through interviews. The study concludes that; traveling distance, hair- do and discomfort were the major influencing factors accounting for the non- use of crash helmets. It recommends that the management and student leadership of tertiary institutions, the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, National Road Safety Commission, the media and the health ministry together should organize periodic educational campaigns to orient student motorcyclists about the dangers of non-use of crash helmets.
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