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Authors: Arthur, Emmanuel Maurice
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This thesis is a mathematical investigation into the effects of different parameters on the detailed flow of electrically conducting fluid with heat and mass transfer in the presence of thermal radiation with convective boundary conditions. A literature review is incorporated and the approximate consistency between different investigations shown. The problems related to the flow, heat and mass transfer over a flat plate in a stream of cold fluid in the presence of radiation and magnetic field have been modeled. The governing boundary layer equations have been developed and transformed into a self-similar form. The similarity equations were solved numerically using the Newton Raphson shooting iteration method together with Runge-Kutta Fourth-order integration scheme. The Effects of embedded parameters such as Prandtl number, local Biot number, magnetic parameter, radiation parameter, Brinkmann number, Schmidt number and the reaction rate parameter, on the fluid velocity, temperature profile, concentration profile, local skin friction, local Nusselt number and local Sherwood number in the flow regime are depicted both tabular and graphical form and discussed quantitatively. It is concluded that for this particular flow, the magnetic field strength is the only embedded parameter that helps control the flow kinematics and enhances both the heat and mass transfer process. In the same way, embedded parameters associated with thermal radiation, convective heating and viscous dissipation controlled to enhance the heat transfer process when controlled. Meanwhile, the Schmidt number and the reaction rate parameters contribute well to enhancing mass transfer if carefully controlled.
Description: Master of Science in Mathematics
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

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