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Authors: Gidisu, Benjamin Blanton
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Documentary evidence indicates that in the last decade, 593 homes and shops have been lost through electrical faults. Furthermore, interactions with owners of homes and shops in the Metropolis indicate that they do not embark on safety measures and precautions with regards to preventing electrical fire outbreak. When asked how many landlords and business owners will ensure safety in the home and workplace, only 24% of them indicated their willingness. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of pedagogical training on the reduction of electrical hazards in homes and schools. The research design was the action research. The sample size for the study was 182, which comprised of 120 pupils, 50 parents and 12 electrical artisans. The study used a simple random sampling technique to sample Ahamadiya Junior High Schools in Tamale Metropolis. A simple random sampling technique was done by assigning numbers to the list of all JHS in Tamale Metropolis. The data collection instruments include exercise, questionnaire. The data collection procedures include situational analysis/pre-intervention, intervention and post-intervention. The SPSS version 20 was used to analyzed the data. The data analysis and presentation involved comparing pre intervention and post-intervention results. The results of the study show that 8% of the respondents engage in health and safety measures and environment safety and electrical safety. The post-intervention results show that 25% of the local artisans said that they have heightened the use of projective materials for their personal safety at work. The projective materials or clothing used include goggles, hand gloves, safety boots and safety belts. The study recommends that there should be a policy which ensures that all homes, schools and offices are given to professionally trained and licensed artisan who will ensure compliance on safety measures are followed.
Description: Masters in Education, Training and Development
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