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Authors: Kyerewaa, A. J.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: I will glorify the lord for his name endures forever! The Messiah's mercies, abundant grace, protection and love for me has enabled me accomplished this research successfully. God may your name be praise forever! My supervisor, Prof. David Millar deserves special thanks for the critical supervision he gave from the start to end. Mention must also be made of the fact that his encouragement, motivations, quick responses, guidance, directions and his tirelessly reading has led to the successful completion of this work. Also, not forgetting the enabling atmosphere he created between myself and his students, made the whole process of supervision more interesting and cost effective. Prof, I say "Barika" and God will replenish your effort. I am indebted to all those who in diverse ways helped to make this thesis successful. Mr. Emmanuel Baffour Asare for the financial assistance initially offered me. Mr. Stephen NyarkoDabie deserves mention for the brotherly supports. Dr. Osman Kanton, Lecturer at DDS, the immensely support in different ways especially at the beginning of the study. lowe a great deal of thanks to Dr. Chris Opoku Fofie, at the WA regional hospital for the counseling, advice, encouragement, consoling words, prompt attention, care and time devoted for me at the time I was emotionally tortured and sick. Without you Dr, I don't think this thesis work would have come to fruition. Dr. I say "meda woase" and may God greatly bless and reward you. I would not also forget of Mr. Raymond Aabeyir of DDS whose advice, encouragement and the technological support in the form of computing and the drawing of the municipal Map booster in my academic work. I am also grateful to David Mensah, the physiotherapist at the WA regional hospital for his quick and special care and attention to me when I was referred to his department for medical attention. I reserve my last thanks for Dr. Sylvester Gala of UDS for the forms he purchased for me which enabled me enrolled in the course and the encouragement as well and Prof Stephen Kendie for helping me structure my topic before my supervisor was assigned to me.
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